Book Review: Frozen Charlotte

Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell - Paperback Cover

Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell – Paperback, 368 pages – Published January 5th 2015 by Stripes Publishing

Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell is an exciting, creepy book in the Red Eye series. The story begins almost immediately, and thickens unexpectedly throughout the entire book.

Sophie, who recently lost a close friend in what she suspects was more than just an accident, travels to Skye to stay with her uncle and cousins. The last time she was there, Rebecca… well, she was alive.

Desperate to uncover the truth, Sophie is faced with unbelievable tales and countless lies from her cousins. This book is perfect for plot-twist-lovers, as there are strange bends and discoveries in every chapter.

Personally, I loved how the story began immediately, rather than with some long winded introduction that isn’t really all that relevant to the plot. It really drew me in straight from the start, and I must admit that I enjoyed it more than I initially thought I would.

The writing style is somewhat simplistic in my opinion, and rather matter-of-fact. Despite this, there are still some wonderful descriptions and although sometimes I did find it a bit too simple, some people very much admire this kind of writing.

Frozen Charlotte is a wonderfully creepy book, full of endless surprises and anticipation to read on. It captures the creepy atmosphere wonderfully, and is not for those who are not admirers of death, murder, horror or perhaps even gore. Captivating from the first page, it really is a great read. However, I was not all that keen on the simplicity of the writing and so am giving it 3.5 stars out of the full 5.



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