Book Review: Code

Code by Kathy Reichs & Brendan Reichs (Virals #3) – Paperback, 416 pages – Published October 10th 2013 by Arrow

This is the third book in Kathy Reichs’ Virals series. Code follows the familiar gang of kids on yet another wild adventure – one far more sinister that it first seems. Do they have what it takes to complete each challenge they are faced with, before the countdown ends? Only time will tell.

Tory is stuck in the middle of Ben and Jason, close friends of hers between which tensions are boiling high. They’d never got on, but things are getting serious. Tory is determined to discover the link between them, the reason for their hateful words and behaviour towards each other.

Along with this and the pressing issue of codes and puzzles yet to be solved, Tory must prepare herself for her débutante ball. She wasn’t looking forward to it in the first place, but it turns out to be far more eventful than any of the kids anticipated…

And to top it all off, the Virals are this close to discovering what could be the last remaining piece of information on their bizarre situation. What secrets were being held, so close yet so far?

There are tons of side-stories and plot-twists in this book, just as there was in the first couple of books. A very exciting series, with numerous links and discoveries to be made throughout. I’m definitely looking forward to the next book! 4 stars for this one.

Read my review for the first books; Virals and Seizure



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