Book Review: Nox-Cruor

Nox-Cruor by R. Kain - eBook, 160 pages - Published June 10th 2015 by R.Kain's Fantasy Stories

Nox-Cruor by R. Kain – eBook, 160 pages – Published June 10th 2015 by R.Kain’s Fantasy Stories

I was sent a copy of Nox-Cruor in return for an honest review.

I haven’t read any of R. Kain’s other works, so this was entirely new to me. It was a story of sacrifice, mystery and magic that keeps the reader intrigued throughout.

It isn’t a particularly long book at only 160 pages, and so the plot accelerates rather quickly. I found some of the dialogue a little… unbelievable, I suppose? Or unnatural may be another way of putting it. Basically, I think the speech could have been written to sound a little more fluent in places, but it’s nothing major (just me being picky).

I’m also going to point out that there are a few grammar mistakes and such, but I can’t say I’ve read any book without noticing something along these lines. Again, it’s nothing huge, just a little observation.

The story of Rayne and Nikolas is complicated and exciting and, especially nearing the end, heart-wrenching. There are unexpected plot twists that any reader will appreciate, however it may seem a bit complicated and hard to follow at times. This is probably due to how short the book is, and the way that the whole story has been squeezed to fit within the pages.

I had no idea what to expect from Nox-Cruor, but I must say I enjoyed it. It was exciting and full of action, and although there are a few improvements that could be made (but honestly, isn’t that the case with every book?) it was a nice read. I’m going to give this 3.5 stars.

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