We all know that feeling. The sudden realisation that your TBR pile is getting out of control. I’ll just reserve one more library book you say, it’s only £2.00 you say, I get a free ebook if I review it you say. And you keep on saying these things until you’ve reached your library’s book limit and your book shops and charity shops alike are running out of books and there are stacks building a fort around your room and yet you still keep downloading ebooks and looking for new recommendations.

There’s probably a word for this, or some kind of medical diagnosis but for now I’m stuck with my obsession, staring at all the paperbacks, hardbacks and ebooks I have yet to start.

Please tell me I am not alone here. I can’t be the only one with this obsession, right?! How many books have you got to read? And are they from bookshops, online, the library, charity shops or maybe from a friend? Comment below and discuss you’re reading habits with us!




  1. You are not alone! But I’ve manages to ban myself from buying books that I haven’t read now. So the only books I’ll buy are ones I’ve read but don’t own. It’s going okay… 😛


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