Book Review: Crossed

Crossed by Ally Condie (Matched #2) - Paperback,  367 pages - Published June 7th 2012 by Penguin

Crossed by Ally Condie (Matched #2) – Paperback, 367 pages – Published June 7th 2012 by Penguin

I’m going to have to keep this relatively short, but if you want to read my review of the first book in the series, it’s here.

Crossed follows Cassia and Ky after their separation, alternating between each character’s point of view. This gives the reader a decent insight into both character’s thoughts and stories throughout the entire book.

The couple are each sent to a village in the outer provinces, where the Enemy attacks regularly and they are supplied with no working weapons. They then venture into the Carving – a vast maze of caverns and canyons – in search for each other, accompanied by people they have befriended along the way.

They search for the farmers, and come across an abandoned settlement where they collect food and maps. But after entering the Cavern and disturbing the contents, the Society begins to hunt for them. Desperate to escape, Cassia decides to flee the Carving and search for the Rising; a group rebelling against the ways of the Society.

The plot of this book sounds simple, but there are numerous sub-plots that make it an exciting, interesting read. Cassia is confused about her feelings for Ky and Xander, Ky is keeping secrets, and they can’t agree on whether to join the Rising or not. I think I liked this sequel a little more than Matched; 4 stars for Crossed by Ally Condie.




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