Month: October 2015

Last Line Read

The place was like nowhere I’d ever been, or seen, yet it felt like home.

Doon by Carey Corp, page 46


Book Review: Paperweight

Paperweight - Paperback Cover

Paperweight by Meg Haston – Paperback, 287 pages – Published 2015 by HarperTeen

This. Book. Is. Amazing.

There aren’t enough books about such serious and common topics like this. I’m not going to lie, I found this rather hard to read due to how it brought back so many personal memories for me. I should warn any potential readers that this book includes a log of negative language about body image, mentions of self-harm and suicide, and a lot about eating disorders and behaviours.

Stevie, a 17-year-old girl who’s mother left and brother died, has her self-destruction plans halted when her father sends her to an eating disorder treatment centre. This book follows her through a twenty-seven day period of pain and conflicting thoughts and emotions.

Throughout Stevie’s time at the treatment centre, the reader is told about her life through little snippets here and there. We learn about her behaviours and thoughts as her eating disorder developed, about the day her mother left, and the time around her brother’s death.

Stevie is carrying so much guilt and pain, and all she wants is to disappear on the anniversary of the accident. But her shrink, Anna, is desperate to help her live her life.

This book is so accurately written. The things Stevie thinks and does often reflect myself and people I’ve known while really struggling with eating disorders. The daunting prospect of recovery looms over her, making her unsure of what her goal really is. She was so sure she wanted to die… But now she’s met Ashley, and Anna, and rethought her plan. What once seemed so simple and obvious, Stevie is no longer sure she wants.

Paperweight is so emotional, accurately telling the story of Stevie’s personal experiences with an eating disorder as well as her struggles after her mother moved away and her brother was killed. It combats so many topics that I’ve rarely seen in other books, and is just so greatly written… I love it. 5 stars!

WWW Wednesdays

imageedit_12_7814453460What am I currently reading?

I’m actually reading three books right now: Doon, Crossed and Paperweight.

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What did I finish reading recently?

I recently finished I’ll Give You the Sun, We Were Liars, The Baby, The Bunker Diary, The Heartless City and Eleanor and Park(I’m not including the covers of all of those!)

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell - Paperback, 325 pages - Published February 1st 2013 by Orion

The Heartless City by Andrea Berthot - eBook, 241 pages - Published by Curiosity Quills Press (first published August 17th 2015)

The Bunker Diary by Kevin Brooks - Paperback, 268 pages - Published March 7th 2013 by Penguin

What am I reading next?

The books I’ll be starting next will be probably be Terminal and Sentinel.

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Book Review: Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell - Paperback, 325 pages - Published February 1st 2013 by Orion

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell – Paperback, 325 pages – Published February 1st 2013 by Orion

I’ve heard so much about this; everyone seems to have read and fallen in love with it. I decided it was about time I give it a go!

It is a wonderful book. It tells the story of Park, a half-Korean punk-music-loving boy in Omaha. And it tells the story of Eleanor, the big red-headed girl who’s moved back in with her large family after being kicked out by her step-dad.

I love how this tells their individual stories as well as the story of them as a couple. The problems Park encounters with his dad, and the horrible things Eleanor endures from her nasty step-father. And the way the pair of them began to fall in love during their time together on the school bus.

Romances aren’t really my thing, but this was rather cute. I must admit that I have to question the reality of some of it; it seemed to happen so quickly and almost perfectly. Actually, that’s a lie. It isn’t perfect. It is realistically imperfect in the way that they have their doubts and problems. But it was just all so fast… I don’t know. I’m not exactly an expert in these things!

The ending was heartbreaking. It was unexpected, too, though I suppose I should have seen it coming to an extent. Rainbow Rowell (great name!) has made this easy to relate with and emotional and easy to read. 4 stars for Eleanor & Park.


The Unpopular Opinion Book Tag

Thank you to Dreamy Addictions for tagging me to take part in this!

A popular book or series that you didn’t like:


I never actually finished reading Gone Girl, but I just couldn’t get into it for some reason. I am planning on reading the whole book and perhaps then I will like it, but for now I can’t say I do.

A popular book that everyone hates but you love:

earthbound PBB_purple.indd

There aren’t really any books that I love and nobody else seems to. The closest I can think of is the Earthbound series; it seems to have mixed reviews but I simply love Aprilynne Pike thanks to her Wings series.

A love triangle where your ship did not sail:

Virals by Kathy Reichs - Hardback Cover

Actually, I think I’m going to say the situation going on in the Virals series. I love Ben and everything, but I think I’ve subconsciously been rooting for Jason since the start. I don’t know. And I still the final book to read, so I suppose anything could happen?

A popular genre that you hardly reach for:

Romance. Anything too soppy or erotic or anything is just a no-go for me.

A beloved character you didn’t like:


This one’s hard. There’s a few characters that I didn’t really love, but none that I outwardly hate. I’m not sure if Piece is really a “beloved” character, but I wasn’t crazy about her so that’s who I’ll choose.

A popular author you can’t get into:

Michael Grant. I didn’t mind Eve & Adam but I just did not enjoy BZRK half as much as I’d hoped. I’d been wanting to read his Gone series but I’m honestly a bit put off now.

A popular books series you have no interest in reading:


I don’t know why, but there’s just something about the Red Queen series that just doesn’t seem all that appealing to me. I’m still planning on reading it some time in the future, but I can’t say I’m that excited.

An adaptation you like better than the book:


This counts, right? I’m in love with Alice in Wonderland and I’m also in love with Tim Burton, so when the two came together… I nearly died.

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