Book Review: Sentinel


Sentinel by Joshua Winning – eBook, 264 pages – Published May 6th 2014 by Peridot Press

Sentinel begins with the death of Anita and Max, the parents of fifteen-year-old Nicholas. After this, the book follows Nicholas for a majority of the time, occasionally switching to a different characters situation.

Before he is sent to live with his godmother, Nicholas discovers a hidden room beyond his parents’ bedroom. While Tabatha, a close friend who’s become his part-time carer, sleeps a few rooms over, Nicholas collects a few mysterious items from the hidden chamber. One of these is a copy of The Sentinel Chronicles, of which there happens to be dozens of.

Nicholas soon moves in with Jessica, into Hallow House. He is accompanied on his journey by Sam, an old family friend, who tells him of his Sentinel heritage. But before they make it to Hallow House, a strange and powerful creature attacks…

While all this is going on in Nicholas’s life, Sam’s friend is horrifically attacked by a rival being. As horrible as it is, it isn’t half as bad as what he becomes after the incident.

This novel is full of strange creatures; Garm, Dark Prophets, demons. It has a rather old-fashioned sort of feel to it, thanks to Winning’s writing style. Sadly, I don’t think this style quite fits with this YA book, and I actually found it a bit, well… boring. I’m not saying descriptive writing is bad at all, I just found this book a bit of a slow read. Nonetheless, it had a good plot and some nice little sub-plots, and I am intending to read the sequel, Ruins.

Overall, Sentinel isn’t the best or the worst book I’ve read. It isn’t my usual kind of book anyway, and although it isn’t exactly long at just over 260 pages, I took a fairly long time to read it (for me). I think I’ll have to give it 3 stars out of 5.



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