Month: November 2015

WWW Wednesdays

imageedit_12_7814453460What am I currently reading?

I have four books on the go right now; Sentinel (still), All Our YesterdaysBreathe (which I read aaages ago) and Unhinged.

What did I finish reading recently?

The One I finished recently, and I re-read Splintered.

What am I reading next?

After I finish each of the books above, I’ll probably be going on to read Five Seven FiveButterEverblue, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.


Book Review: Splintered


Splintered by A.G. Howard (Splintered #1) – Paperback, 377 pages – Published January 1st 2013 by Amulet Books

I first read this book earlier this year, and loved it so much that I went and ordered the whole series.

Look at that cover. Isn’t it gorgeous?! I absolutely adore it, along with everything else about this book. The purple font, the pattern at each chapter’s start, absolutely everything. It’s easily one of my favourite books, and I am dying to read the rest of the series!

Splintered is basically a modern, punky twist on the classic Alice in Wonderland.  I’m in love with everything to do with Carroll’s novel – I’ve even seen Alice Lidell’s grave, and am thinking of basing my bedroom on the novel – so when I saw this book in the library I just had to read it.

Alyssa is an almost-normal teenage girl. She’s a descendant of Alice from Lewis Carroll’s book, with a mother who’s trapped in a mental asylum. Her dad provides sporting gear for the inside skate park where Alyssa spends most of her free time, Underland. Her closest friend, Jebediah, also happens to work there. Oh, and Jeb’s girlfriend is the daughter of Underland’s owner (not to mention a major bitch).

For years, Alyssa has been able to hear the voices of bugs and plants around her. Afraid of suffering the same fate as her mother Alison, she’s kept this ability to herself, silencing the insects with death and using them in her artwork.

But one day she puts the pieces together, and realises that Alison isn’t all that insane after all. With a little help from her moth-like friend, Alyssa finds her way through the mirror and down the rabbit hole.

The tasks she completes with Jeb are just as eccentric as Carroll’s fairytale, with dark and strange twists on his characters and ideas. Zombie flowers, Rabid White, the octobenus, and, of course, Morpheus. Battling her mixed emotions, Alyssa is determined to do anything it takes to help her mother.

Little does she know, Morpheus is actually setting her up for the role of queen, not helping her escape Wonderland at all. Her final hope is her wish – a solidified tear given to her by a powerful netherling creature – but when she sees who freed Queen Ivory from the eternal imprisonment of the jabberlock box (therefore suffering that fate themselves) she is forced to rethink her plan.

I simply love this book. Alyssa is such a strong, funky character, and both guys are so different. Morpheus is full of tricks and deceives Alyssa on more than one occasion, but she still can’t let go of the admiration she’s held since the childhood they shared in her dreams. As for Jeb, Alyssa just can’t rid herself of her emotions toward him. He’s a sort of grunge/punk figure, who’s incredibly protective of his friend. When he finally admits his feelings for her, Alyssa can’t help but think of the girlfriend he’s left behind in the human realm.

Everything about this book is just so unique and quirky. Chessie, Rabid White, Grenadine, Ivory, the Twid sisters, Morpheus… Despite all the dangers Wonderland holds, I honestly want to go there even more since I read this boits,

I found this book so easy to read both times, and am simply in love with it. It’s funky, it’s full of amazing descriptions and imagery, and it’s a wonderful tribute to a fantastic novel. An easy 5 stars. I am so excited to read the rest of the series, it’s unbelievable!


Book Review: The One


The One by Kiera Cass (Selection #3) – Paperback, 323 pages – Published June 5th 2014 by HarperCollins Children’s Books

The One is the third book in the Selection series by Kiera Cass, following The Selection and The Elite.

Again, it tells the story of America Singer, an Elite, and Maxon Schreave, the heir to the throne.

On top of the Selection, the inhabitants of the palace also have to face the Northern and Southern rebels. One group is harmless, but the other… wants the royal family gone.

America isn’t the king’s favourite girl in the Selection, but once the people of Illéa catch a glimpse of her fighting spirit, they soon fall in love with her. Little do they know, she’s joining forces with the rebels, and little does she know that it runs in the family.

Although I’m not much into romance novels, I really do enjoy this series. I find each book so easy to read, and I love all the different aspects thrown in. The only thing about The One is that there are so many deaths, and they seem almost rushed. The first few tragedies are really touching, but then the crisis at the end – and the loss of such massive members of the royal family – just didn’t have as much detail and emotion as I would have expected.

I’m not going to lie, I also got a bit tired of Maxon and America’s constant fall-outs and arguments. Yes, it added another dimension to the story, but it was essentially just the same thing over and over.

America also has a moment of total desperation in this book, where she just goes way too over the top trying to win Maxon over. I just didn’t like it. But the relationship that developed amongst the Elite was nice, though I doubt it would happen quite so smoothly in real life. If a bunch of girls were fighting over a guy, let alone a prince, I’m pretty sure it would involve a little more bickering, even at the end.

Anyway, I did like this book, and it might actually be my favourite out of this series. I flew through it with no trouble, and can forgive the faults I found. Like the rest of this series, I’m giving The One 4 stars. I hope to read the next book, The Heir, soon!