Book Review: Breathe


Breathe by Abbi Glines – eBook, 164 pages – Published May 16th 2011 by Wild Child Publishing

I remember reading this book on my Kindle aaages ago and really liking it, but this time round I wasn’t quite so impressed.

Breathe is a major chick-lit, based on the love story of rock star Jax Stone and regular teen Sadie White. They meet by chance when Sadie takes her pregnant mother’s job, which happens to be at the Stones’ summer house.

They face multiple obstacles, such as Sadie’s other admirer and the invasive press sharing stories about each of them. Eventually, Jax decides it would be best for Sadie if he didn’t drag her into his life of fame. Heartbroken, she falls under a ‘dark blanket’ which she is only freed from when Marcus appears at her window. Finally out of her slump, Sadie gets herself a new job.

Sadie is shocked to find her mother in labour as she returns from work one day, and panics to get her to hospital. But the birth is only the start of her difficulties; her mother is struck with severe post-partum depression, and so Sadie is stuck taking care of her little brother.

Little Sam keeps Sadie on her toes, driving her to black out on the way to school due to exhaustion. After two weeks, she wakes up to find herself in a hospital room, with… Jax. The two of them decide to get back together, and make plans for the future.

So, this book is an extreme romance. It’s soppy, cheesy, and just totally unrealistic in my opinion. I guess a lot of girls may like it due to it being what many dream of – a beautiful romance with a hot teen idol. But I just found it so fake, and even the grammar is often incorrect and speech is written so strangely… Like, nobody would talk like that. It’s just not accurate.

Sorry, but this just isn’t my kind of book. So 2.5 stars from me.



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