Book Review: Five Seven Five


Five Seven Five: The Boy with Words by C.E. Wilson – eBook – Published by C.E. Wilson (first published November 20th 2015)

I was given the opportunity to read this in return for my honest review, thanks to C.E. Wilson. Thank you so much!

White’s only relative is her cousin, Shade, a Chosen One. She wants so desperately to be be like him, to go out into the Unkown. Shade brings his cousin words, snippets of what’s out there. But it’s not enough.

Shade was meant to teach White how to become a Chosen One. She doesn’t want to be stuck in the colony her whole life; she wants more. But the Chosens are sent out to look for an escapee, and sadly Shade doesn’t make it back alive. Another Chosen, Salt, tries to help White out of her mourning and pain. He even tells her how to get to the Unknown undetected.

What White finds is more shocking than she ever expected – a Creator. A giant person, who goes by the name of Kes (and claims that he is not, in fact, a Creator). He teaches White about the human world, and how the Forgotten Ones – her colony – came into being. He even shows her the outside. Skies so blue, ladybugs, lightning… He even shows her how to write the haiku poems she’d always been given by Shade – hence the title, named after the layout of a haiku.

Everything is going well, until White realises that she has some serious feelings for her new friend – right as Salt admits to liking her. Her attempt to capture Kes’s attention goes horrifically wrong, and Salt makes her promise to never return to the Unknown.

This book was a great read. Kes is bit… unlikeable at times, and I often found that White came across as a bit of a stubborn bitch, but I still liked it nonetheless. The whole idea of the Forgotten Ones is so original, and I never would have seen it coming at the beginning. The life of the colony is highly developed, and with the Scriptures and everything it really does seem like a normal way of life. The arrival of Kes is quite a shock!

I know I’m picky, but I did notice a few grammar mistakes. Nothing major, and nothing that puts you off reading either.

I took quite a long time to read this, but I think that’s mainly because of all my deadlines on other books. The ending was a great cliffhanger, and I must admit that I hadn’t really been expecting Shade to meet Kes. The feelings between the characters don’t emerge until quite late on, but I like that the story wasn’t centred around romance. As I said, it’s an original story and I really did enjoy it. I’m pretty tempted to read the rest of these books! 3.5 stars for Five Seven Five.


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