Book Review: Boot Camp


Boot Camp by Robert Muchamore (Rock War #2) – Hardback, 347 pages – Published 2015 by Hodder Children’s Books

So this is the sequel to Rock War by Robert Muchamore, which is the only other novel I’ve read by this author. I can’t say I loved the first book, but I was intrigued to find out what happened next!

Twelve young bands have earned their big break, and are due to spend their summer in Rock War Manor as part of a new TV show. Among these contestants we have Brontobyte, Jet, and Industrial Scale Slaughter – all of whom we met in the previous novel.

The bands are put through vigorous training, before performing live and having to deal with the nosy media. There’s also the added issue of tension among some contestants, such as Jay and his ex-band-mates. There are, of course, some more positive relationships going on too.

This book paints a rather realistic picture of life in the media, with all the ups and down that “fame” can bring. Not that I have any actual experience in this matter, of course.

My main problem with these books is how immature they feel. The language isn’t simple, but it just somehow feels childish to me. Not to mention how most characters are a few years younger than me, and remind me of my first couple of years at secondary school.

Despite this, the story is pretty good, and I was really rather shocked by the ending. Again, I’m left wanting to know what happens next?

So although I don’t love this book, I don’t hate it, and I can see how some people could really enjoy it. So I think it deserves 3.5 stars.



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