Book Review: Coraline


Coraline by Neil Gaiman – Hardback, first edition, 171 pages – Published August 5th 2002 by Bloomsbury

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the film based on this book, so I won’t go into too much detail right now. But as is often the case, I definitely enjoyed the book more than the movie!

So Coraline has moved into a new flat with her parents, who are both rather disinterested with her. She likes to explore, and she ends up in the grasp of “the other mother” in some strange parallel world. Upon trying to escape the other mother, Coraline’s parents are taken instead. So Coraline must find and save her parents in order to escape – as well as the souls of other children the creature has taken.

This has a rather nonsensical feel to it, not unlike the works of Lewis Carroll. But it also has an edge to it, that gives the illusion of a Tim Burton creation. I think I would have enjoyed it just that bit more had I read it when I was just a few years younger, but even so, this book came very close to being one of my favourites!

I never would have even thought about reading it if it hadn’t been chosen as a “book of the month” on Goodreads, but I am really happy that I did. It’s a very short read, but it’s so mysterious and creepy and just wonderful! I definitely want to take a look at some of Neil Gaiman’s other books now. 4.5 stars for Coraline.



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