Book Review: A Light in the Attic


A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein – Hardback, 185 pages – Published June 1st 2011 by Particular Books

I recently decided that I need to read some poetry books, and this happens to be the one that I started with. I’m also planning on reading another of Silverstein’s collections, The Giving Tree. I don’t really know all that much about poets or poetry, so I may have just searched Goodreads for high-rated books…

Silverstein often uses prominent, simply rhyme schemes throughout this book of poetry, making them easy to follow and popular with younger children/teens. They flow beautifully, almost rhythmically, and are all rather short. They are mostly humourous poems, with little illustrations alongside them. These illustrations, also by Shel Silverstein, are also often funny, and help us understand the point/joke being made in the related poem.

These are all pretty easy-reading poems, nothing too thought-provoking or hard to understand. Quite a nice book to read in bed, or when you just have a little time to relax. There are definitely poems in here that remind me of stories and poems from my early childhood. I think I can give his 4 stars quite easily.




  1. I absolutely love Shel Silverstien! He is one of my all time favorite childhood authors. You have inspired me to dig up my old copy and give it another read.

    By the way I am in love with the henna tattoos!!

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