Book Review: The Killables


The Killables by Gemma Malley (The Killables #1) – Paperback, 372 pages – Published October 1st 2012 by Hodder & Stoughton

I first discovered Gemma Malley thanks to my close friend several years ago. I remember loving her books and was so upset when the sequel to the book I’d read had not been released. I’m planning on reading that book soon…

So, the plot. Evie thinks she’s evil, doomed to be reconditioned. She has dreams that must be caused by her evilness, and even meets up secretly with her matched one’s brother.

The city Evie lives in is supposed to be safe, with no evil. But when her lover, Raffy, is destined to become a K, Evie knows something is wrong. His brother, Lucas, who once seemed so harsh and cold, is now the one helping Evie and Raffy escape. What if everything she had thought about him was wrong?

Beyond the city walls, Raffy and Evie meet Linus. He reveals the truth about the New Baptism, about the effects of the operation – how removing the amygdala does not only remove evil but humanity itself. They devise a plan to overcome the System as it is and return it to its original design.

I love the plot of this, and it’s fantastically written. It’s exciting and unexpected and really easy to read. But the love triangle… Why… Why does every YA book have one?! Why can’t Evie just be in love with one brother and leave it at that?! Meh.

I am soon to read the rest of this trilogy, and will be posting my reviews on those too. But I do really like Gemma Malley, and would certainly recommend reading some of her books.

As for this particular novel, I’m going to rate it 4 stars out of 5. Exciting and thrilling, but not perfect.



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