Month: July 2016

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What am I currently reading?

Highland Fling, The Jungle Book, Magic Study and Beautiful Broken Things.

What did I finish reading recently?

The Resistance, The Secret Apocalypse and Somewhere In Between. 

What am I reading next?


Book Review: Somewhere In Between

pro_readerI was provided with a free copy of this book via NetGalley, so a huge thanks to Kung Fu Girl Books for granting me access to this title!


Somewhere In Between by Katie Li – eBook, 93 pages – Published August 25th 2015 by Kung Fu Girl Books

According to Katie Li, this novel was intended to quash her desire for an anime book. I’m not quite sure what she means by that (I’m pretty sure there are a lot of books that are also animes) but there you go.

This is only a really short book at 93 pages (that I somehow managed to drag out for over a month), full of magic and mystery. It’s so mysterious, in fact, that I’m not quite sure what really happened.

Rom and Magnolia are old friends, who used to visit the in-between place together. It was a magical place that changed every time they went, the door to which was sometimes nothing more than a painting on a wall. Rom is no longer with his girlfriend and Magnolia is dealing with a lot after the death of her boyfriend when they see each other again.

There is a slight romance in here, but nothing major really. I’m honestly not quite sure what the actual plot was, but it was pretty cool. However, they never seemed very shocked by the magical world they discovered, and I have no idea what was going on when weird happenings began to occur in their ordinary day-to-day lives.

I will admit that this could easily be improved, but I like the idea of the in-between place and honestly there are a few ways I can relate to Magnolia personally. The characters aren’t incredibly in-depth in themselves, but they each have their own back-stories which is good. The ending was a bit strange and, well, so as the whole book, so I’m going to give it 2.5 – 3 stars out of 5.


Book Review: The Secret Apocalypse


The Secret Apocalypse (Secret Apocalypse #1) by James Harden – eBook, 165 pages – Published January 6th 2011 by Harben Publishing

Well, this was… an interesting read.

Reading on a laptop always messes up the whole concept of pages, but this is only meant to be 165 pages long and it took me over a month to read. That just isn’t right.

I wanted to read this because the title was intriguing and, well, it was free. But I’m not likely to pay out for the rest of the series. (Sorry James Harden.)

So the protagonist, Rebecca, is being interviewed. She panics and ends up in the bathroom, recapping her entire experience on a notepad. This moment of remembrance is, essentially, the book. So while the book is written in the present tense during the interview period, most of the book is in the past tense. I must say that this creates a pretty cool effect, as we think we already know what the outcome will be. But then, BAM! Something unexpected happens right at the end, something Rebecca is shocked to hear.

Australia has been hit with the Oz Virus. It kills the host but keeps them functioning, basically turning them into the living dead. But Australia is under a nationwide quarantine – meaning the rest of the planet has no clue what’s happening.

Rebecca and her friends are trying to escape both the infected and the military while trying to find food and shelter at the same time. They find themselves in an empty casino, where they come across Dr West – one of the doctor’s responsible for creating the Oz Virus.

One friend is bitten, they’re all close to being test subjects, and they have no idea when the rest of the world will start sending help. Things are pretty tough.

But, as we know from the start, Rebecca does make it out alive. But what happens to her friends?

The plot is pretty good, and I like the mixing of past and present tense. But the grammar. Oh, the grammar. Misplaced commas, simple sentence structure, spelling mistakes… It’s pretty stressful. And a lot of it is Rebecca saying “Kenji told us to do a thing, so we did it.” It is a good book, but it needs a lot of work. A lot.

So, 2.5 stars. I liked it, but it could be way better.


Book Review: The Resistance


The Resistance by Gemma Malley (The Declaration #2) – Paperback, 323 pages – Published November 8th 2012 by Bloomsbury

I read this a few years ago, following the previous novel in the series. I’m looking forward to reading the conclusion to the trilogy, which I have never read!

Again, Anna and Peter are stuck in a world where youth is seen as a sin, as a danger. But Peter, while working for the Underground, has to work for his grandfather at Pincent Pharma – the manufacturers of Longevity. While there, he discovers some shocking information that makes a once straight-forward decision near impossible to make.

This book follows Anna as she cares for her infant brother and tries to help Maria, who is trying to rescue Surpluses. Peter is a massive character in this too, discovering the truth about Longevity and the company’s manufacturing methods. Even Jude, Peter’s half-brother, plays a hugely important role in this novel.

Unexpectedly, Sheila makes a surprise appearance during this book. She brings to light a very important situation within Pincent Pharma.

There are a few little subplots throughout this, and a lot of twists. This does make is exciting, but also makes it harder to see what the main plot is. And I have to say that it was often quite predictable (but that may just be because I read it a few years ago).

I don’t want to include any spoilers, but the events of this book seriously make me wonder how old Anna is. Like, seriously.

I am really looking forward to the next book, even if I am expecting yet more typos and unnecessary commas. This is an interesting series and I like it a lot. I think 3.5 stars for The Resistance.


WWW Wednesdays

What am I currently reading?

Don’t judge me, but I’m still reading these four. I’ve had my leavers celebrations at school this week and prom is tomorrow, so…


What did I finish reading recently?

So I only managed to finish City of Fallen Angels this week. Sorry…

What am I reading next?

Yeah, I still need to read these…

And I still have the usual choices for you guys:


Book Review: City of Fallen Angels


City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare (The Mortal Instruments #4) – eBook, 377 pages – Published April 5th 2011 by Walker Books

This series is so exciting! I’m absolutely loving it.

This installment of The Mortal Instruments series follows Simon a lot more, including his difficulties caused by his being a Daylighter vampire. We also get an insight to his love-life which is getting rather complicated…

Clary and Jace are together at last, but his nightmares are keeping them apart. Clary takes him to see the Silent Brothers to find out the cause of these bad dreams, but it turns out to be far worse than they anticipated.

Lilith – a greater demon – features heavily in this book, as well as the head vampire, Camille. Alec and Magnus have their dating difficulties, and Luke and Jocelyn are trying to prepair for their wedding while the Clave is dealing with a demon-worshipping cult and multiple dead Shadowhunters. So yeah, a lot is going on.

I like how we are able to find out more about Simon’s way of life in this book, and the whole issue with Alec being mortal while his boyfriend is immortal is a great, very intriguing addition to the plot. Seriously, I hope they work it out, though. They’re such a great couple.

As for Maia’s ex-boyfriend, who we’ve heard nasty tales about in previous books…

This may be one of my favourite books in the series so far, full of action and emotion and tons of excitement. The descriptions are wonderful, and there always seems to be the perfect amount of dialogue. I’m really falling in love with Cassandra Clare’s writing.

I don’t think I can say this is my favourite series quite yet, mainly because it is yet another typical YA paranormal novel. But this book in particular definitely deserves a strong 4 stars.


WWW Wednesdays

I haven’t posted this for weeks now and I have not read half as much as I’d liked to (I’m actually socialising! Whoop! – but I’m going to try and get back into the routine!

What am I currently reading?

So I’m still reading Highland Fling, The Secret Apocalypse and Somewhere In Between but I’m also reading City of Fallen Angels and The Resistance now.

What did I finish reading recently?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve only finished The Disappearances and The DeclarationDisappointing, I know. I’m sorry.

What am I reading next?

Still got to get onto these:

But you can still have your say in what I read!