Month: November 2016

WWW Wednesdays

So, I finally decided it’s time to get back into routine and post another of these. I know I haven’t posted much recently, but I’m hoping to change that now!

What am I currently reading?

Fire Study, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, Red Queen, Beautiful Broken Things, Ensnared and The Jungle Book.

What did I finish reading recently?

Recently I’ve read Batman: Gotham After Midnight, Suicide Squad (DC Rebirth) #3, Batman (DC Rebirth) #9, Batgirl (DC Rebirth) #4 and The Lovely Bones.

What am I reading next?

All the options are here:


Graphic Novel/Comic Book Review: Batman, Gotham After Midnight


Batman: Gotham After Midnight – Steve Niles, Kelly Jones – 296 pages – Published 2009 by DC Comics

This novel contains 12 episodes of Batman stories, each full of action and crime and excitement. It includes Man-Bat, Axe-Man, Clayface, The Joker, Killer Croc, Catwoman, Scarecrow and the new villain, Midnight. At first, Batman is trying to figure out why his villains are suddenly changing their patterns. But then Midnight comes into the scene…

Batman becomes rather attached to a police officer, although Bruce Wayne has no success with her. But can he save her from this strange, crazy new murderer?

The detective side of this – especially toward the end, when Batman is close to discovering Midnight’s identity – is fantastic. Full of suspense. Of course, his encounters with the enemies are great, too. I wasn’t sure about his relationship with April, but I like how it all fit together in the end.

The inner monologue – and even the dialogue – wasn’t great. The text that was chosen for this also wasn’t the wisest. But the story got told and that’s all that really matters in the end.

And Alfred… I love him! He’s witty and smart, but also caring and wise when it comes to dealing with Batman. He often has to tell Batman to pull himself together and to stop being an idiot. I think he may be my favourite character.

The art was great and I liked the story, but the dodgy, clunky monologue was quite off-putting. Even so, it was an easy read still so it obviously wasn’t that bad. I think I’ll say 4 stars for this, though I may be being a little generous there.


Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad (DC Universe Rebirth) Volume #3


Suicide Squad Volume #3 – Rob Williams, Alex Sinclair, Scott Williams, Jim Lee, Philip Tan – DC Universe Rebirth 2016

I may have fallen slightly in love with Katana.

This issue is basically made up of two parts; the squad, ahem, meeting Zod, and then Katana’s origin story. I adore Harley Quinn, like most people, and hadn’t really thought about Katana all that much. But her backstory is heartbreaking! And her sword has so, so much power…

I always love a bit of backstory, and this definitely had a great element of personal history. The fight half of the comic is also fantastic, though.

Both parts of this are great, making it my current favourite comic. Of course, there are only two others that I’ve read…

Not sure I want to give the full 5 stars to this, but I do think it deserves more than 4. So I think I’ll go with 4.5 stars.


Comic Book Review: Batman (DC Rebirth) Volume #9


Batman Volume #9, I Am Suicide Part One – Tom King – DC Universe Rebirth 2016

Okay, this one was amazing. I am so psyched for Assault on Santa Prisca.

So Batman is recruiting a team. He needs to break Bane out of the most secure prison on Earth in order to relieve Gotham Girl of her overwhelming headaches. They tell him not to recruit this one, it’s not safe… Anyone but them…

There are some incredible panels in this (I really am in love with the art in here). And obviously, I’m super excited to see how this plan goes for Batman.

Again, I don’t really have much to compare this to, but I know I loved it and that I’m definitely wanting to read on. So I think I’ll give this comic 4 stars too, quite easily.


Comic Book Review: Batgirl (DC Rebirth) Volume #4


Batgirl, Beyond Burnside Volume #4 – Hope Larson, Rafael Albuquerque, Dave McCaig – DC Universe Rebirth 2016

This is actually the first comic I’ve read (though I’ve subscribed to many now). I probably should have read the first volumes before this, but I was still able to enjoy it.

I’m not going to say too much, but I did really like this. The art is great (which is always important) and I was definitely left wanting to read on.

Babs goes to save Kai, but discovers that he’s been hiding something important. She hunts down the Teacher with the help of her friend, Frankie, which is more or less where the comic ends. I’m definitely going to be looking for the next volume, The Final Exam.

If you’re looking to get into comics (or if you already love them but haven’t come across this series yet) then I would certainly recommend giving it a look. It’s the only one I’ve read so I obviously have nothing else to compare it to, but I think 4 stars is a reasonable rating.


Book Review: The Lovely Bones


The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold – Paperback, 328 pages – Published 2002 by Little, Brown and Company

If my English Lang and Lit class hadn’t chosen to study this book this year, I probably never would have read it. At least, not yet. Not because I didn’t want to but simply because I may never have been motivated to do so. Honestly though, I’m very glad we chose this novel (even if I personally did not vote for it).

As I’m studying it for my exams, I really don’t want to spend too much time writing about it now. But I will do a quick review about the pros and cons of this novel.

So the book is about the death of a girl. Well, not about it, but it’s a very important aspect (obviously). The victim, Susie Salmon, narrates the story from beyond the grave in her “heaven”, recalling memories from her lifetime and also watching her family’s life unravel after her death.

There is an air of mystery to this, but not for the readers. We know from the start who murdered Susie, but her family do not. We follow them as they try to figure out what happened, getting closer and closer to the truth.

This book has an aspect of fantasy and supernatural to it, as well as mostly being a drama-based novel. We learn about Susie, and then we follow Ruth and Ray and her siblings, Buckley and Lindsey. We watch her parent’s marriage go through hell and back, and we even watch her murderer escape the town unpunished.

Everything about this is very interesting. The writing, simple but still detailed and descriptive; the characters, who grow and change as the book progresses; the plot, or multiple mini-plots, evolving around all the different characters.

I really liked this book, and at first I thought it might become a favourite. But it didn’t carry on quite as well as it started, and became more or more of a realistic, dramatic story about love and life. It’s so interesting to see how Sebold portrays heaven, and how the lives of her Susie’s friends and family are affected both directly and indirectly by her death. A good 4 stars for this book!