Book Review: Fire Study


Fire Study (Chronicles of Ixia #3) by Maria V. Snyder – Paperback, 441 pages – Published June 7th 2013 by Mira Ink

This is the third novel in the Chronicles of Ixia series by Maria V. Snyder. There are more books – I’m not quite sure how many – but I am definitely done with this series.

Again, we follow Yelena – our 20-something protagonist with magical powers. She’s discovered that her powers make her a Soulfinder, and people fear her because of it. But she uses her powers for good, even if the Fire Warper tries to get her on his side.

Even though Yelena is a bit older than the usual YA protagonist, the way this book is written just feels immature to me. It’s almost entirely composed of simple, declarative sentences with little emotion. I can’t connect with Yelena, even when she suffers the loss of a loved one or comes near to death herself.

I said this about the first book, and I’ll say it again; Snyder doesn’t seem to portray the passing of time. At all. There is a section of this book that was meant to have been over several weeks, but I just didn’t feel it. There’s no character development. Even the relationships don’t seem to have any feeling. Basically, I just can’t connect with anyone or anything in these books.

Though there is nothing bad about the writing, I just didn’t like this book. I found it hard to read and didn’t really enjoy it. The plot sounded decent – escorting souls to the sky, defeating evil magicians – but I was so disappointed. 2 stars.


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