Graphic Novel/Manga Review: Undead Messiah Volume #1

Another fantastic opportunity I’ve been presented with thanks to Edelweiss+.

Tim Zachariah Muley is a 15-year-old gamer who is slightly obsessed with zombies. His classmates mock him, and his parents often reprimand him for playing video games all night. But who would ever have thought that Tim’s PlayStation addiction could save lives?

Zombie stories always seem to be about gamers who are ‘prepared’ for the apocalypse, and this was no different in that department. However, it wasn’t as cliche or predictable as a lot of similar stories I’ve read. The first zombie Tim meets is a lot closer to home than he’d expected, and his usual plan of ‘kill on contact’ is out of the question. With the help of his childhood bestie, M-Kay, Tim decides to pursue a cure for this strange new infection. The pair find something quite different to what they were expecting…

I loved both main characters, and the pair of antagonists that were briefly introduced seriously intrigued me. It ended on a massive cliffhanger! I really want to read on! It’s funny, super enjoyable to read, and actually pretty sad in places. I think it’s fantastically written (even if there are a couple of grammar mistakes) and the art is superb. I really, really enjoyed this. 4.5 stars.

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