Book Review: The Killables

I first discovered Gemma Malley thanks to my close friend several years ago. I remember loving her books and was so upset when the sequel to the book I’d read had not been released. I’m planning on reading that book soon… So, the plot. Evie thinks she’s evil, doomed to be reconditioned. She has dreams that […]

Book Review: The System

I finally got round to reading the conclusion to The Killables trilogy! It’s been quite a long time since I read the first books, so I had forgotten some of the details. But as I read, I started to remember what had happened previously and was able to appreciate the current story. After escaping the City, Evie, Raffy, […]

Book Review: The Disappearances

This is the sequel to Gemma Malley’s The Killables which I read recently. It consists of the same characters as before, such as Raffy, Linus, Lucas, Evie, the Brother, and also some extra characters. It, obviously, takes place after the System has been shut down – this having caused some issues, such as the Disappearances. This […]

WWW Wednesdays

What am I currently reading? I’m reading Highland Fling and The Secret Apocalypse still, as well as The Disappearances and Somewhere In Between. What did I finish reading recently? This week I finished Ruins and The Killables. What am I reading next? I’d still like to get through The Blessing and Past Imperfect. But I still have the usual polls up:

WWW Wednesdays

What am I currently reading? I’m one chapter into Kellie’s Diary #1 which is incredibly short and will no doubt be finished and reviewed tomorrow, and I’m also reading The Killables, Highland Fling and Ruins. What did I finish reading recently? Despite all my exams over the past week, I’ve managed to finish The Giving Tree, Extras, The Perks of Being […]