Book Review: Uglies

I’ve heard of this book before but never really thought about reading it. The sequel, Pretties, was one of the books of the month on Goodreads, which is what inspired me to finally give it a go. The whole idea of this book is really rather clever, and honestly quite plausible. The world which Tally knows […]

Book Review: The System

I finally got round to reading the conclusion to The Killables trilogy! It’s been quite a long time since I read the first books, so I had forgotten some of the details. But as I read, I started to remember what had happened previously and was able to appreciate the current story. After escaping the City, Evie, Raffy, […]

Book Review: Extras

An unexpected new protagonist is introduced in this novel, as opposed to the original Tally Youngblood. This is set around three years after the previous book where Tally becomes a Special. It is also based in a futuristic area supposedly in Japan – I assume, as they talk in Japanese. “They” is mainly Aya, a fifteen-year-old […]

Book Review: Specials

Now I’ve got just one more Uglies book to go! If you’ve read any of these books, then you’ll probably know that the title of this book is referencing Special Circumstances – a terrifying, elite group of pretties. After Shay turned up at the end of the last novel, things with Special Circumstances get rather interesting… The […]

Book Review: Pretties

I just finished the sequel to Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies and was pleasantly surprised. I liked the first book, but it wasn’t quite different enough. This book includes tons of details, adding to the development of the plot and the hidden goings-on within the city. After the last book, we know that Tally has given herself up […]