Goodbye 2016… Hello 2017!

Happy New Year everyone! I’m going to keep this as book-based as I can, but I apologise for any random, personal tangents I may go off on.

First of all, a quick summary of my past year. I aimed for 100 books, but only managed to read 66. (Disappointing, I know.)

I can’t seem to link them to their reviews, but you can find a list of every book I’ve reviewed on this blog, in alphabetical order of author, here.




At the end of last year, I added a poll to the sidebar of my blog. The question was what you guys thought was the best book published in 2015. The winner, with 33% of voters on their side, was Dan and Phil’s The Amazing Book is Not on Fire.

I’ve put up a new poll for this year, which I will also paste below. What do you think was the best book of last year?

That’s it for now! I may post a little something about my favourite books of the year later on, but for now I shall leave you in peace. Happy New Year!