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Graphic Novel/Picture Book Review: The Little Red Wolf

35905318This is only a very short book, so the review will be short too. It’s based on the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood (as you may have guessed from the title). It’s a beautifully illustrated novel, with a really sweet message about love and friendship between humans and animals.

It follows a similar story to the original fairytale, but where the child captures the little wolf while he is delivering a rabbit to his hungry old grandmother. The child sings a song, which is gorgeously illustrated by Fléchais, which tells the tale of a woman and man falling in love, but the man then losing his wife to wolves. This, she says, is why her and her father hunt and kill wolves – because they are evil beasts that bring nothing but pain.

The little red wolf’s father comes to the rescue – without killing the girl or her father – and tells his son about the version of the song he knows – where the woman is friends with the wolves, weaving them capes (like the one the little red wolf wears) and the man accidentally shoots her himself. I found this to be really quite touching, and I really did like this interpretation of the fairytale.


Thank you to the author/publisher for accepting my request to read and review this book

I don’t think the chapters were necessary for such a short book – they didn’t mark the end of a “chapter” in any way for me, but just felt like they’d been randomly placed throughout the story.

Overall, this is definitely a lovely story for children to read, even if it is a little sad. The art was really lovely, and it told the story beautifully. 4 stars.

P.S. Sorry about the awful quality of the pictures. My laptop has a red light filter on and just doesn’t do the art justice at all.



Book Review: The Giving Tree


The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein – Hardback, 64 pages – Published December 2nd 2010 by Particular Books

I recently had a go at reading Shel Silverstein’s A Light in the Attic which was lovely (even if I am a little too old for these books now), and now I’ve read his The Giving Tree.

There’s not that much I can say about this book as it is only 60-odd pages, but I did find it super sweet. Even at 16, I kind of enjoyed reading this short, childishly simple book…

It tells the unusual tale of love between a boy and an apple tree while the boy grows up and the tree gives everything she has to keep him happy. I thought it was just so cute!

If you have any young family members, I would definitely recommend reading this book with them. I might have to give this 4 stars…


Book Review: The Divide


The Divide by Elizabeth Kay (The Divide #1) – Paperback, 320 pages – Published April 1st 2006 by Chicken House

I started reading this when I was about eleven, and I had really enjoyed it. It’s a bit of a kids’ book really, but I just wanted to see how it ended!

So Felix, who’s thirteen, has a debilitating heart condition. He and his parents visit Costa Rica, home of the Continental Divide. Nothing could prepare him for what happens after passing out across the Divide.

Suddenly, Felix is in a strange new world where myths are real and real life is fake. Humans aren’t supposed to be real – so when Felix arrives, people start going crazy. They want to find a way into his world, where they can see science in real life, and where they can have a fresh market for their magic.

Betony becomes Felix’s good friend, and along with her siblings and some other mythical creatures, they discover a japegrin who is selling untested magical remedies, causing side-affects in those who take them. They manage to spread the word about this, but he won’t go down without a fight.

Like I said, this is more a children’s book than a YA. I only really wanted to read it again because I was curious, and I seemed to enjoy it so much when I was younger. It’s not a bad book, but obviously it’s not one that teens are going to be raving about.

It’s cute, but has such a childish feel to it. I mean, wise-hoofs and ear-rot? Snakeweed the villain?! The general plot is pretty good, unlike any other book I’ve read. But I can’t say I’m going to be hunting down the rest of the series. 2.5 stars.