city of lost souls

Book Review: City of Lost Souls


City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare (The Mortal Instruments #5) – Paperback, 544 pages – Published September 6th 2012 by Walker Books

I can’t believe I’ve nearly finished this series!

First of all, I would like to complain about the cover. If I hadn’t heard so many great things about this series then I probably would have avoided it, simply because it looks like a typical teen paranormal romance atrocity. The story is actually way more action-based with a sort of hint of romance, but I just don’t think the cover portrays that very accurately.

Moving on to the actual book, it follows on from the last novel where Sebastian is sort of reintroduced. He is a massive character in this, after disappearing – along with Jace. It turns out there’s some sort of bond between them thanks to Lilith, and the only things that can separate them are the weapons of either angels or demons. Which, unsurprisingly, results in some rather reckless acts on the part of Jace’s friends and family, including the summoning of an angel and a demon. Nice.

Alec and Magnus have some pretty serious difficulties in this book, which actually really upset me because they’re currently my favourite couple. There’s also romantic plots following Maia and Jordan and even Izzy and Simon, but nothing major.

In the end, the Institute receives a disturbing gift, Clary stabs Jace, and Magnus kicks Alec out of his apartment. Maureen is seen again, claiming to have killed the woman Alec was out to murder, and Luke’s sister is taken and turned dark by Sebastian. I think that’s everything?

As for the writing, I love it! The books are all quite long, but they don’t feel it when you read them. I don’t understand how the feel so timeless and exciting all the way through!

Of course, this is a YA paranormal novel with typical romance lines and so on, but it is as unique as a book in this category can be. It has a nice mix of surprise, suspense and plain old action, and the diversity of the characters is fantastic. I’m really looking forward to the next novel in the series, yet I don’t want it to be over!

Simply because it is a somewhat generic book (there are just so many angel/demon YA novels these days) I can’t put my rating any higher than 4 stars. But the writing is fab and the plot always interesting, so there really isn’t any true fault.