WWW Wednesdays

What am I currently reading?

Well I’ve been given a few things to read for school recently, and I’ve got tons of books due back to the library soon so I’m still reading The Complete Alice and Pride and Prejudice, as well as True Calling, Homunculus and the Cat, Romeo and Juliet and now The Divide.

What did I finish reading recently?

I’ve finished ReachedAn Inspector Calls and City of Bones.

What am I reading next?

Well I need to get And Another Thing and Boot Camp back to the library so they’re up next.

But as usual, you also have a choice in what I read soon!


WWW Wednesdays

Hey guys! Sorry this wasn’t posted yesterday, and that I’ve missed the past couple weeks. I’ll try and get back on track!

What am I currently reading?

Still reading The Complete Alice and Pride and Prejudice, as well as Reached, True Calling and Homunculus and the Cat.

What did I finish reading recently?

I’ve finished Wreck and OrderThe Rest of Us Just Live HereThe Fallen Star and Fire Colour One.

What am I reading next?

The choice is all yours! Here are all the options:


Soundtrack to My Life Book Tag

ssssssssWatch the original video here!

A huge thanks to PerfectioninBooks for tagging me to take part in this tag. It looks so fun! Her post is here.

Opening Credits: Favourite Childhood Book

I can’t say I have a particular favourite, but these are a few that I really loved over the years:

Waking Up: A Book That Got You Out of a Reading Slump

Definitely the Divergent series. I had only been reading a couple of books here and there for a while until I read this series and decided to head back down to the library.


School: A Book You Read for School and Ended Up Loving

I didn’t love this book, but I remember really enjoying it and have actually recently purchased a copy so I can read it again.


Falling in Love: An Author You Love So Much You Want to Read All Their Books

Hmmm… I really do like Kathy Reichs at the moment. Her Virals series was just awesome, and I’ve asked for her other books for Christmas!

Fight: Book with the Best Action Sequences

I can’t say anything really stands out to me for this one, but these two are probably as close as it gets.

Break Up: A Book or Series You Did Not and Do Not Intend to Finish

Sorry, but I just couldn’t quite get into these.

Hanging With Friends: Book You Think Everyone Else Should Read


Breakdown: Book That Seriously Affected You/Had You Crying Your Eyes Out

I’m not really a huge crier, but this brought me pretty close to tears at times.


Roadtrip: Your Favourite Series (More Than 3 Books)

Flashback: Your Favourite Book From 5 Years Ago

I think that would be around about the time I discovered these beauties. (I went on to follow each series and still love them now.)

Getting Back Together: What Book Can You Not Stop Rereading?

There’s a few… I think I’m just going to have to say both these series again.

Wedding: A Book That is Really Special to You

Moment of Triumph: Longest Book You’ve Ever Read

I know, it’s not even that long… Embarrassing…


Death Scene: Book or Series You Wish Had Ended Differently

As far as I remember, I really loved this series. And although the ending wasn’t bad, it just really upset me. Everything was just so different… I missed the good ol’ days of the first book!

Funeral: Book with the Best or Worst Epilogue

I’m afraid nothing comes to mind right now. I’m sure there are tons of great ones I’ve read, I just find it hard to remember each one!

End Credits: Who Do You Tag?

If you’ve already been tagged, then I apologise! Also, I know I kinda cheated a couple times by adding multiple answers… Sorry!