Book Review: Doon

Doon by Carey Corp - eBook, 334 pages - Published August 20th 2013 by Blink (Zondervan)

Doon by Carey Corp – eBook, 334 pages – Published August 20th 2013 by Blink (Zondervan)

II review for BookLook Bloggers received an ebook copy of Doon by Carey Corp from BookLook Bloggers, in return for my personal and honest opinion.

Veronica lives in Indiana with her mother. Her father left, her mother barely acknowledges her existence, her best friend moved to Scotland and now her boyfriend’s gone off with another girl. And to top it all off, she’s now delusional – or so she assumes, when a gorgeous Scottish boy begins appearing to her at random.

Vee’s best friend, Mackenna, invites her to stay in Alloway for the summer. Vee’s looking forward to the escape, but even she couldn’t anticipate the amazing events that would take place.

Kenna discovers some of her deceased aunt’s belongings, including two beautiful rings and an old diary. To Vee, these are the link between Alloway and the land of her dreams.

Together, the girls venture into a mystical land, frozen in time. They’re accused of helping the witch and thrown in the dungeon, before being removed by the younger prince of Doon, Duncan.

Veronica’s dream boy happens to be the heir to the crown; Prince Jamie. But things don’t go as smoothly as she hoped. First of all, he seems to absolute despise her. And secondly, Vee discovers his relationship with the gorgeous Sofia Rosetti. Ouch.

However, things are going rather well for Vee and Duncan, as well as Fiona and Fergus. But Vee refuses to fall in love with the prince, as she knows she will have to eventually return to her own land to fulfil her dreams.

It turns out that the witches magic has, in fact, found its way inside the kingdom. Veronica figures out the cause, and risks everything to fix it – feeling responsible for the problems caused.

Eventually, the witch is defeated. But now Mackenna has an important decision to make: Doon or Alloway?

This novel is extremely fantastical, like an old fairytale with a modern twist. It contains three romances, which was a little too many in my opinion. And the plot was rather complicated, and I did feel a bit lost in it sometimes.

The writing style is very in depth, perhaps too much so in fact. Especially at the beginning, the book just seemed a bit dragged on, and I got rather bored. It took me a very long time to get toward the end of the book. Although description is certainly important, I sometimes found that the author seemed to be trying a little too hard.

Doon is a modernised fairytale, full of romance and suspense. It’s a bit cheesy, a bit complicated, but still good. 3 stars!