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Book Review: The Secret Apocalypse


The Secret Apocalypse (Secret Apocalypse #1) by James Harden – eBook, 165 pages – Published January 6th 2011 by Harben Publishing

Well, this was… an interesting read.

Reading on a laptop always messes up the whole concept of pages, but this is only meant to be 165 pages long and it took me over a month to read. That just isn’t right.

I wanted to read this because the title was intriguing and, well, it was free. But I’m not likely to pay out for the rest of the series. (Sorry James Harden.)

So the protagonist, Rebecca, is being interviewed. She panics and ends up in the bathroom, recapping her entire experience on a notepad. This moment of remembrance is, essentially, the book. So while the book is written in the present tense during the interview period, most of the book is in the past tense. I must say that this creates a pretty cool effect, as we think we already know what the outcome will be. But then, BAM! Something unexpected happens right at the end, something Rebecca is shocked to hear.

Australia has been hit with the Oz Virus. It kills the host but keeps them functioning, basically turning them into the living dead. But Australia is under a nationwide quarantine – meaning the rest of the planet has no clue what’s happening.

Rebecca and her friends are trying to escape both the infected and the military while trying to find food and shelter at the same time. They find themselves in an empty casino, where they come across Dr West – one of the doctor’s responsible for creating the Oz Virus.

One friend is bitten, they’re all close to being test subjects, and they have no idea when the rest of the world will start sending help. Things are pretty tough.

But, as we know from the start, Rebecca does make it out alive. But what happens to her friends?

The plot is pretty good, and I like the mixing of past and present tense. But the grammar. Oh, the grammar. Misplaced commas, simple sentence structure, spelling mistakes… It’s pretty stressful. And a lot of it is Rebecca saying “Kenji told us to do a thing, so we did it.” It is a good book, but it needs a lot of work. A lot.

So, 2.5 stars. I liked it, but it could be way better.