Harley Quinn

Graphic Novel/Comic Book Review: Harley’s Little Black Book

I love Harley Quinn as a character, so I happily agreed to review this novel. It definitely wasn’t as great as I hoped, or as good as Harley as a character in Suicide , but it still had some strengths.

So in this book, Harley basically just collects together a load of tales from her adventures with various characters. It contains a hell of a lot of innuendoes and sex jokes, and a makeout scene with Lobo that I really was not interested in seeing.

I did feel like Harley was just made out to be a bit of a sex-crazed idiot at times, when there’s actually a lot more of her character to be shown. There was a flashback to her childhood experience of being bullied, which I thought was fantastic. 

There was still the loveable, crazy character being written, and the whole stories/general writing had that kind of fun tone that I love about Harley. Again, it was maybe too light and fun, but it was a nice little read. 

Thank you to the author/publisher for giving me a review copy of this book

I maybe wouldn’t have liked this half as much if it was any other character, but I just love Harley Quinn. It wasn’t her strongest appearance, though, despite it being her own book. I’m going to give it 3 stars out of 5. 🌟🌟🌟

Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad (DC Universe Rebirth) Volume #3


Suicide Squad Volume #3 – Rob Williams, Alex Sinclair, Scott Williams, Jim Lee, Philip Tan – DC Universe Rebirth 2016

I may have fallen slightly in love with Katana.

This issue is basically made up of two parts; the squad, ahem, meeting Zod, and then Katana’s origin story. I adore Harley Quinn, like most people, and hadn’t really thought about Katana all that much. But her backstory is heartbreaking! And her sword has so, so much power…

I always love a bit of backstory, and this definitely had a great element of personal history. The fight half of the comic is also fantastic, though.

Both parts of this are great, making it my current favourite comic. Of course, there are only two others that I’ve read…

Not sure I want to give the full 5 stars to this, but I do think it deserves more than 4. So I think I’ll go with 4.5 stars.