Harvill Secker

Book Review: The Night Circus


The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern – Hardback, 387 pages – Published September 15th 2011 by Harvill Secker

I’ve been wanting to read this novel for a while now, and I’m so happy I finally got round to it!

I’d never heard of Erin Morgenstern before this book, but she is an amazing author. Her writing is truly beautiful, with a mystical, dream-like quality to it. It was so easy to become immersed in the setting of this circus – theĀ Circus of Dreams.

At the age of six, Miss Celia Bowen is bound to a future challenge by her father, Prospero the Enchanter. She doesn’t know anything about the challenge, but is prepared by her father for many years. She is forced to learn how to repair things, including herself.

Meanwhile, her opponent, Marco, is also being trained. They meet unexpectedly one day, but Celia has no idea who he is. They end up working for the very same circus as each other, which happens to be the scene of their game.

For years, they each take turns making additions and changes to the circus – a room made of ice, a Wishing Tree, the Pool of Tears – but their motives are not limited by the game. They find themselves trying to impress each other, and they eventually find themselves falling in love. This makes things a lot harder when they find out how the winner of the game is dictated.

This is a very intricate book, with tons of little details that entwine together in time. It’s so magical, and really does pull you into this enchanting little world. I’ve heard a lot of good things aboutĀ The Night Circus, and I can see why!

There’s also a lot of emotion. You really feel for the characters when they discover heartbreaking things, or lose someone they love. And you really find yourself wondering how Marco and Celia are going to figure this situation out. It makes you want to read on and on, to find out how the matter is resolved.

I really did enjoy this book. It’s dreamy and fantastical and exciting and just a great read. A strong 4.5 stars!