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Graphic Novel/Comic Book Review: Adventure Time Volume #4


Adventure Time Volume #4 by Ryan North – Paperback, 128 pages – Published February 11th 2014 by KaBOOM!

Number four in this colourful series! Another fun, exciting adventure with our favourite characters. It includes issues 15 to 19 of the comic.

The first adventure Finn and Jake embark on is the retrieval of their voices after a princess tea party is crashed by the mischievous Magic Man. The princesses all get together, including Bubblegum and LSP (of course), to assist Finn and Jake.

After that, the boys find themselves in the Ice King’s hidden (and forgotten) dungeon. They want the treasure at the other end, but that requires defeating several monstrous bosses first…

The adventures are, as always, great fun. The graphics are awesome and the dialogue is hilarious. This volume teaches us a lot about the Ice King’s past, too, and is actually quite emotionally deep at times.

I really enjoyed this! A light-hearted, funny read (although it had it’s more emotional moments). I found myself actually sympathising with the Ice King, and really wanting to know more about his past. And I loved the cover gallery, as always! There are some amazing pieces in here!

Easily 4 stars for this volume, at least.


Graphic Novel/Comic Book Review: Adventure Time Volume #3


Adventure Time Vol. 3 (issues 10-14) by Ryan North Paperback, 112 pages – Published June 19th 2013 by KaBOOM!


The third collection of Adventure Time stories!

The first part of this volume involves the Ice King and his spell to remove Finn and Jake’s free will. This leaves them at the will of the readers, who decide how their adventures will pan out.

The next chapter in the collection starts with BMO digging up an old video¬†game for Finn, Jake and Marceline to play. Little do they know that this is the start of a major computer virus that will spread throughout Ooo…

The main characters are, of course, Finn and Jake, along with Marceline, BMO and Princess Bubblegum. The Ice King and “Ewlbo” are also featured for some time in this volume.

I always think these comics are great, just for a relaxing, easy read. They’re funny, clever, and pretty immature sometimes. The art is lovely and the stories are just a bit of fun for all ages. This isn’t my favourite, but I will still give it 3.5-4 stars.