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Book Review: Somewhere In Between

pro_readerI was provided with a free copy of this book via NetGalley, so a huge thanks to Kung Fu Girl Books for granting me access to this title!


Somewhere In Between by Katie Li – eBook, 93 pages – Published August 25th 2015 by Kung Fu Girl Books

According to Katie Li, this novel was intended to quash her desire for an anime book. I’m not quite sure what she means by that (I’m pretty sure there are a lot of books that are also animes) but there you go.

This is only a really short book at 93 pages (that I somehow managed to drag out for over a month), full of magic and mystery. It’s so mysterious, in fact, that I’m not quite sure what really happened.

Rom and Magnolia are old friends, who used to visit the in-between place together. It was a magical place that changed every time they went, the door to which was sometimes nothing more than a painting on a wall. Rom is no longer with his girlfriend and Magnolia is dealing with a lot after the death of her boyfriend when they see each other again.

There is a slight romance in here, but nothing major really. I’m honestly not quite sure what the actual plot was, but it was pretty cool. However, they never seemed very shocked by the magical world they discovered, and I have no idea what was going on when weird happenings began to occur in their ordinary day-to-day lives.

I will admit that this could easily be improved, but I like the idea of the in-between place and honestly there are a few ways I can relate to Magnolia personally. The characters aren’t incredibly in-depth in themselves, but they each have their own back-stories which is good. The ending was a bit strange and, well, so as the whole book, so I’m going to give it 2.5 – 3 stars out of 5.