mike carey

Graphic Novel Review: Barbarella Volume #1: Red Hot Gospel

I found this graphic novel available for download on the site Edelweiss+, so a huge thanks to them for providing me with the opportunity to read this!

This was absolutely fantastic! The first three issues in this volume focused on a storyline where Barbarella is arrested by Parosians for having a vagina. Yep. For having a vagina. In Parosia, it is regarded a sin to have fully functional sex organs. Sexual desire is believed to be a physical sensation, and so being physically altered is supposed to ‘rectify’ this. Barbarella is altered upon arrest, and is not happy about it. When in prison, she encourages fellow inmates to feel lust and desire and pleasure. She soon meets Jury Quire, a spy/agent from Earth, sent to prevent an unknown weapon being used by the Parosians. However, things aren’t all that they seem.

The story was great, and I genuinely didn’t expect the twists that occurred. Barbarella is a fantastic, strong leading woman, and she openly discusses sex and pleasure. She has a lovely sense of morality, and strongly fights to stop the Parosians all being mutilated against their will.

In the fourth issue, Barbarella meets an Empath, whom she proceeds to make love with. But yet again, things aren’t all that they seem; Kei’s Empathy abilities mean no-one on board the ship can be sure what they’re feeling is actually theirs.

The art was lovely, quite classic/traditional feeling, and there was a great sense of humour throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, and would definitely be interested in continuing reading this series. 4.5 stars.