12 Days of Blogging


  • Include the photo above in each blog post
  • You may start at any point in December
  • Use the topic supplied for the post of that day
  • Make sure all posts are in December, but they don’t have to be posted consecutively (lets face it it’s a busy time)
  • Nominate 3 people after each blog to start the challenge
  • Have fun!


Day 5: What is on your personal wish list this year:

Well, Christmas has already been, but I’ll write down what I wanted beforehand:

  • The Amazing Book is Not on Fire by Dan Howell and Phil Lester
  • The Story of Alice
  • A giant teddy
  • Anything related to Alice in Wonderland
  • Marzipan
  • Lolita style skirts


As December has already ended, I’m not going to tag any other blogs to take part now. Sorry!


Infinity Dreams Award

Thanks again to PerfectionInBooks for tagging me!


  • Thank and follow the blog that nominated you.
  • Tell us 11 facts about yourself.
  • Answer the questions that were set for you to answer.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them.

My answers:

  • What were you doing an hour ago?

I was helping my dad wrap Christmas presents!

  • Fav song?

Hmm… That’s a hard one! I’m in love with Missing You by All Time Low, Clean by Taylor Swift, Happy Song by Bring Me the Horizon and tons more! (Feel free to check out my Spotify.)

  • Fav movie?

Another hard question… Tim Burton’s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, or that version of Peter Pan with Jeremy Sumpter in.

  • Fav TV Show?

I have a few: Supernatural, American Horror Story, iZombie and Grimm.

  • Something you would recommend to  everyone (it can be whatever you prefer, sports, music, books, movies, tv shows, features in a blog, etc, etc, etc).

Second hand books. There’s so many awesome and unheard of books hidden in market stalls and charity shops, all at such a low price!

  • Fav evil character?

I think I’m going to have to say Loki.

  • What would you prefer to be: Superhero or villain?

Hmm… Probably a superhero because they always win, though there are a lot of pretty awesome villains.

  • Do you have any signed book?

I don’t think I do (sadly).

  • If you could meet one actor/actress, who would she/he be?

Possibly Demi Lovato, because she’s a real inspiration.

  • Recommend a book!

More Than This by Patrick Ness.


  • What you do think you might be doing in an hour?

Either reading or helping people wrap presents again!

My nominees:

  1. Emily Talks About Books
  2. RedHeadedBookLover
  3. Cafe Book Bean
  4. Reading Between Oceans
  5. The Worn Bookmark
  6. The Little Book Cottage
  7. A Frolic Through Fiction
  8. Multifandomed Book Blogger
  9. The Girl Who Read Too Much
  10. I Read Books
  11. Making Days Better


Your questions:

  1. What five words would you use to describe yourself?
  2. Do you have any pets, or have you had any?
  3. If you could live anywhere on Earth, where would it be?
  4. If you could live anywhere at all (be it fictional, somewhere within the universe or just a few streets away) where would it be?
  5. What’s your earliest memory?
  6. What has the best day this year been?
  7. What is your current main goal?
  8. Where do you hope to be in five years?
  9. What is your favourite quote, from a book, song or person?
  10. How would you describe your fashion sense or your general style?
  11. One thing you just can’t stand?


The Versatile Blogger Award


Hey! I was nominated by PerfectionInBooks, so thanks so much!


  • Show the award on your blog.
  • Thank the person that has nominated you.
  • Share 7 different facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 blogs of your choice.
  • Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination.



  1. I turned 16 last week, on the 9th of December.
  2. I have a pet corn snake named Abenaki who lives in his vivarium at the end of my bed.
  3. I’ve been to two Fall Out Boy concerts, and went to Sonisphere Music Festival when I was ten.
  4. My dad is Indian, but was born in Kenya.
  5. I used to love coffee, but now I’m addicted to tea.
  6. This time last year I was in hospital for anorexia.
  7. I used to love reading, but I didn’t read very often for a long time. I started properly reading again this summer.



  1. CreativWriter
  2. Book Lover Thoughts
  3. Sarah’s Bookshelf
  4. The Bookish Khaleesi
  5. Bookish Freaks
  6. annelisebooklife
  7. Sue’s Reading Corner
  8. The Literary Hellion
  9. JenAcideByBibliophile
  10. Bookahontas
  11. Your Daughter’s Bookshelf
  12. Dee’s Book Reviews
  13. A Frolic Through Fiction
  14. MultiFandomed Book Blogger
  15. Little Blog of Books


Beautiful Blogger Award

beautiful-blogger-awardThank you to PerfectionInBooks for nominating me in your post!

I’ve been nominated in so many things recently! I’ve spread them out as much as possible so I don’t bombard everyone.


  • Link to the blogger who nominated you.
  • List seven random facts about you.
  • Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers, and notify them.

My Facts:

  1. My middle name is Lakshmi because my dad is Indian and has a lot of Hindu family.
  2. It’s my birthday tomorrow!
  3. I have a cotonoodle puppy names Peanut.
  4. I’ve always had cats. There’s not been a day in my life when my family didn’t own a pet cat.
  5. I have a white German shepherd called Alaska, who I named after the song by Sky Sailing.
  6. I’m about to start reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which I’ve wanted for a while. My uncle bought it when he came to visit without even knowing I was after it.
  7. My brother, Nathan, is coming home from uni (in Leeds) for Christmas this weekend.

My Nominees:

  1. InspiredByABook
  2. Carrie’s Book Reviews
  3. Bookish Freaks
  4. BooksandBakes1
  5. A Frolic Through Fiction
  6. Making Days Better
  7. Your Daughter’s Bookshelf


Real Neat Blog Award

real-neat-blog-award1A huge thanks to PerfectionInBooks for tagging me in your post!

The Rules:

  1. Thank and link the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer the 7 questions your nominator has provided.
  3. Nominate 7 other bloggers and create new questions for them.

My Answers:

Reading outdoors or indoors?

In summer, I love to read outside whenever I can. But for the most part, I just read indoors.

Worst fear about blogging? (ex. having no ideas,no more interest)

Well… I tend to go through phases, where I’m really passionate about a particular thing and become completely obsessed. I also tend to get bored of that same thing soon after. Although I know I’ll never get bored of reading, I do fear that I’ll give up my blogging!

Best thing about blogging?

The community! I love how you can share your opinions and ideas with people who are genuinely interested in the same things.

Best thing about books?

I just love how reading transports you to a whole new world. When I’m not doing so well, I love to just open a book and leave the real world behind.

Do you like movies or tv shows based in books?

It depends. I almost always prefer the books, but there are some amazing adaptations that are well worth watching.

A goal for your blog?

To become popular! I think a reasonable goal would be to get to 200 followers. (I have a long way to go!)

ARCs: Yes or no?

ARCs and galleys make up a huge majority of my TBR list!

My Nominations:

  1. Cafe Book Bean
  2. Shelf-tacular
  3. Carrie’s Book Reviews
  4. A Frolic Through Fiction
  5. Mud and Stars
  6. Glitter2Rain
  7. InspiredByThePage

Your Questions:

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. How long have you been blogging for?
  3. What’s your favourite genre of book?
  4. Do you have a favourite author?
  5. Do you judge a book by its publisher?
  6. Long books or short? What’s the ideal length of a book?
  7. New Year’s resolution for your blog?


The Unpopular Opinion Book Tag

Thank you to Dreamy Addictions for tagging me to take part in this!

A popular book or series that you didn’t like:


I never actually finished reading Gone Girl, but I just couldn’t get into it for some reason. I am planning on reading the whole book and perhaps then I will like it, but for now I can’t say I do.

A popular book that everyone hates but you love:

earthbound PBB_purple.indd

There aren’t really any books that I love and nobody else seems to. The closest I can think of is the Earthbound series; it seems to have mixed reviews but I simply love Aprilynne Pike thanks to her Wings series.

A love triangle where your ship did not sail:

Virals by Kathy Reichs - Hardback Cover

Actually, I think I’m going to say the situation going on in the Virals series. I love Ben and everything, but I think I’ve subconsciously been rooting for Jason since the start. I don’t know. And I still the final book to read, so I suppose anything could happen?

A popular genre that you hardly reach for:

Romance. Anything too soppy or erotic or anything is just a no-go for me.

A beloved character you didn’t like:


This one’s hard. There’s a few characters that I didn’t really love, but none that I outwardly hate. I’m not sure if Piece is really a “beloved” character, but I wasn’t crazy about her so that’s who I’ll choose.

A popular author you can’t get into:

Michael Grant. I didn’t mind Eve & Adam but I just did not enjoy BZRK half as much as I’d hoped. I’d been wanting to read his Gone series but I’m honestly a bit put off now.

A popular books series you have no interest in reading:


I don’t know why, but there’s just something about the Red Queen series that just doesn’t seem all that appealing to me. I’m still planning on reading it some time in the future, but I can’t say I’m that excited.

An adaptation you like better than the book:


This counts, right? I’m in love with Alice in Wonderland and I’m also in love with Tim Burton, so when the two came together… I nearly died.

Your turn:

Hardwork Boulevard

Multifandomed Book Blogger


Little Blog of Books

Kirsty Reads


Dee’s Book Reviews




Best Books of All Time


The Bookish Khaleesi

A Novel Glimpse

Sarah’s Bookshelf

Anyone else is welcome to take part too, and if I’ve tagged you and you aren’t interested or have already done this tag then just ignore this.


One Lovely Blog Award

One Lovely Blog AwardI would like to thank Glitter2Rain for nominating me for this award! I love doing these!

The Rules:

  • You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • You must list the rules and display the award.
  • You must add 7 facts about yourself.
  • You must nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

7 Facts About Me:

  1. My favourite colour is purple, but black and grey and minty/cyan colours are all close runner-ups.
  2. I have a white Alsatian called Alaska, who is currently sleeping on the floor beside me.
  3. My dad is Indian by blood, but was born in Kenya.
  4. My great-nan passed away last night.
  5. I have four stacks of TBR books along my windowsill.
  6. We used to have 7 cats all at once.
  7. I’ve had tropical fish all my life, and always used to help my dad look after them.

15 Nominated Blogs (My Newest Followers):

  1. Emily Talks About Books
  2. Crafty Little Coco
  3. Kirsty Reads
  4. KindlyKickingBack
  5. Making Days Better
  6. BookLoverBabbles
  7. Dee’s Book Reviews
  8. My Little Life
  9. Poetgeneral
  10. Swoon Over Books
  11. Proudfoot Writing
  12. Your Daughter’s Bookshelf
  13. PerfectionInBooks
  14. Vook: Books + Video Games
  15. Little Great Reads


Liebster Award

Liebster Award

Thank you Perfection in Books for the nomination to take part in this award! I’ve never seen this one before, so it’s nice to be part of it.

This award is given to smaller bloggers to help gain recognition and also bring the book community closer together.

The rules for the award are:

  • Acknowledge the blog that nominated you and display the award.
  • Answer 11 question that the blog gives you.
  • Give 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 5-11 blogs you think are deserving of the award that have less than 200 followers.
  • Let the blogs know you have nominated them.
  • Give them 11 questions to answer.

The Questions (Given by Perfection in Books):

  • When did your love for books start?

Well… I’ve loved books for as long as I can remember. I used to sit with my friends and write my own stories and everything! But after my *ahem* hiatus, it was the box-set of the Divergent series given to me by the eating disorder unit I was in last Christmas. I’ve rarely put a book down since.

  • Weird thing about you.

I’m not gonna lie, there are a lot of weird things about me. I suppose one thing is my hatred/fear of the wind, and my need to hold on to everything near me in fear that the wind will otherwise take it away. Oh, and my fear of holding an umbrella on a windy day.

  • An obsession (besides books)

Animals. Mostly my own pets. I was extremely obsessed with my kitten until he was suddenly taken from our lives this week. But I love to tell animals how much I love every little thing about them, and pamper them to death.

  • Which is the funniest book you have ever read?

Huh, this is a hard one. I don’t really read funny books, but I sincerely appreciate humorous aspects thrown into the books I do read. I suppose Geekhood: Close Encounters of the Girl Kind is the closest I’ve come to a funny book as far as I can remember.

  • And the most scary?

Ah, who doesn’t love a good horror? Sadly, I have a ton of them in my TBR list, but not many that I’ve read yet. But Frozen Charlotte and Unrest were pretty spooky.

  • Favorite thing about your country.

Honestly, I just love British traditions. And I love the little towns and villages and clumps of countryside, especially driving past all the fields on the way to Devon in the summer…

  • Dream job?

Architect, interior designer, vet, wildlife photographer, marine biologist, wildlife researcher… The list goes on.

  • Which one do you prefer: reviewing or doing tags?

Yikes. I suppose tags are always something a bit different, but I do love to put my opinion on each book out there for others to read. Honestly, I can’t decide which I prefer!

  • Favorite phone app?

Hmm… Would it be bad to say Goodreads?

  • Favorite thing about blogging?

Spreading my opinions and hearing what others have to say!

  • Choose a quote you really like and write it (so we can all read it!)

I don’t look at many quotes, but this one is great:

“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.”
― Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt

Random Facts:

  • I’ve always had at least one cat.
  • I have a pet corn snake who lives at the end of my bed. (Yes, he eats mice.)
  • I’ve seen two Fall Out Boy concerts in the past two years.
  • My older brother has recently gone to uni in Leeds and is studying music production.
  • I used to act with a drama group in my town from the age of six until about eleven.
  • I can play the keyboard, piano, organ and guitar but haven’t played properly for years.
  • I’m in year eleven at school.
  • I turn sixteen this December.
  • I’m currently wearing a onesie…
  • I wear contacts every day, and glasses at night or when I’m at home (like now).
  • I go to a school where I only attend classes with one or two other students, a few times a week (due to mental health issues).

Nominations: (I apologise if any of you have already done this tag!)

Your Questions:

  • What is the first book you remember reading?
  • Why did you start blogging?
  • How many books do you read each month?
  • What’s your favourite genre?
  • Is there a book that you liked more than you expected?
  • Have you got a favourite author?
  • Do you take notice of different publishers or have a favourite?
  • Tea or coffee?
  • How many times have you moved house/home?
  • Do you have any friends in other countries?
  • What’s the weirdest book you’ve ever read?