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Book Review: Ruins

pro_readerThis is one of the galleys I’m reviewing thanks to NetGalley – a massive thank you to Peridot Press for granting me access to the title.


Ruins by Joshua Winning (Sentinel #2) – Kindle edition, 328 pages – Published May 18th 2015 by Peridot Press

I started reading this a rather long time ago now (way over a month). It’s not a particularly long book, but neither was the previous novel and that took me a pretty long time to get through, too. Hmm.

Following the first book, this novel is focused on Nicholas Hallow, who has just discovered his Sentinel heritage. He’s still learning but has finally realised how important his existence is.

Nicholas is to use his Sensitive powers and is also required to unlock certain knowledge within his mind. He has to find a girl, a girl who is important for reasons he doesn’t yet know. But how does he find a girl he’s never met before?

Laurent is attempting to revive the Dark Prophets, bringing terrible destruction to Bury St Edmunds in the process. Nicholas must find the girl to stop him, and he needs to get a hold of his powers, too.

There are a few nice fight scenes in this, and some hints of mystery and suspense. But I can’t get past the lack of time passing in this series, and the lack of character development. I don’t feel like I’m living the book along with the characters, and I don’t feel that the characters are real. There’s just something very wrong with the pacing of these books.

It’s not a bad book, but there may actually be a bit too much description. As I said, the pacing really ruins (hah!) these books for me, sadly. I’m going to have to say 2-3 stars for this.