silence is goldfish

Book Review: Silence is Goldfish

pro_readerI only received the first three chapters, but I’ll write my review based on what I read.


Silence is Goldfish by Annabel Pitcher – eBook – Published October 1st 2015 by Orion Children’s Books

A massive thanks to Hachette Children’s Group for allowing me to read the beginning of this book, via NetGalley.

So Tessie is a teenage girl who has just found out a piece of shocking information; her father is not her real father, and he is disgusted by her. She found his blog post on a network of sperm and egg donors, where he admits how he feels about raising a child who is not his own.

The idea is good, and I like how we don’t find out exactly what Tessie is upset about straight away. As far as I know, she’s not letting on that she even knows that her father is not her real father, and I am rather interested as to how she confronts the issue.

I did get a bit sidetracked by the missing “fi” and “fl” letters in this, leaving me to figure out what is meant by “ngers” and “aps”, but I would assume that the full book wouldn’t have this issue.

My main problem – and only problem, really – is how some sentences are overly long, with little or no punctuation. I understand that the desired effect may have been Tessie’s wandering mind, but it just seemed a bit too all over the place.

I would be interested in reading the rest of this book, but whether I would actually pay for it… I did find the idea unique, and I didn’t really love or hate it. So three stars for Silence is Goldfish.